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Emotional Balance

Many people are suffering from emotional disturbance they might be physically fit but mentally they face their own emotional issues, when you don’t give yourself your own time the emotional breakdown happens it looks very easy to handle but it can destroy someone’s life. We’re becoming cruel day by day because of that we’re lacking our emotions it has become difficult for some people to show their emotions. For being an complete human being its really important to be mentally, physically and emotionally balanced. But nowadays people are so busy in working towards their goals that they even forget to understanding and balancing their emotions, these kind of issues have worse consequences some people even commit suicide, we really need to understand and be accountable to our emotions. You can’t understand someone if you can’t understand yourself ♥️ Pay attention to Yourself ♥️

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Boys Don’t Cry!

We live in a society where there’s a stereotypical mindset that only women can be emotional and Men can’t be! They can’t cry but it’s just a self made belief that men can’t cry. As being a Human Being they also have emotions which cannot be neglected in anyway, they also feel and cry too but for them it is always difficult to express their emotions. Most of the time they’re judged if they cry in front of someone our society says “Ladke Rote nahi hain” (Boys don’t Cry!) but why? They also have emotions and feelings and also have full fledged right to express themselves. From the childhood we’re taught that Men are the head of the house and they have to be strong, can’t cry, and from the very beginning they are taught that they have certain responsibilities but now we’re living in a gender neutral society if we can accept that women can take up all the responsibilities of the house and can be the boss of the house why can’t we accept those men who can proudly open up about how they feel?

We need to change this stereotypical mindset.

Let Men feel free to express themselves ♥️ if you ever see a man crying instead of making fun or telling him that Men don’t cry just ask him what’s wrong and be there to listen and support. ♥️

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Tum Aaoge na?

Tum aaoge naa

Jab sab sath chord denge to dheere se mera hath pakdne,

Jab sab kharab ho rha ho apni Muskan lekar sab thik krne aaoge na tum,

Yu to bhot taklif deta hun tumhe lekin jab me taklif me hounga to sambhalne aaoge naa,

Dil hmesa har chiz nhi btata lekin uljhano ko suljhane to aaoge naa,

jb ladai krke gusse me sou to sapne me manane aaoge naa,

Jb char logo ka kandha hoga to hath lgane aaoge naa tum?

Sath raho na raho dil se sath rahoge naa?

Find yourself ❤️

What is the most important thing according to you ?

Some would say money, family friends, partner. Etc . But the most important thing is having peace of mind that helps you to understand yourself . We all need to find ourself first , all are running to just spend life simply but life is not about spending but it is way more than that you need to understand life. All of us don’t have enough patient, peace of mind so we’re are running after the lives to spend it. If you decord the formula to understand yourself you can understand anyone your friends , family, partner etc . You just need to invest time on yourself it can help you in various aspect that you can’t see right after but after sometime in future you can see the difference in your inner soul. It changed different , if you want to change other person firstly you need to be changed.

Just sit back and see inside yourself What is bad and good in you? Everyone have positive and negative aspects in them nobody is perfect So stop complaining about other person’s attitude You also have some bad things and Just enjoy that person positive attitude. It is very enjoyable, You need to have that peace of mind that nobody can disturb. So just give time to your soul to grow up and lets enjoy the beautiful life. Its a god gift. Don’t complain about other person from now own words Just understand yourself after that you can understand anyone else.

Editor – Tani Dhillon


Hello Everyone, Thankyou so much for such a immense response to my blogs ♥️

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– Editor- Tani Dhillon

ये जो राह है ये जाती कहां है?

ये जो राह है ये जाती कहां है?

मंजिल तो नाजने है या नही इस्की मगर ये इतनी चुबती क्यूँ है?

सफर के हमसफर तो बहुत है मगर सवाल ये है कि आखिर तक साथ चलता कौन है?

दिल यूं बेबस हुआ बैठा है किसी की याद मे मगर यूं अ़फसुर्दा रहना भी तो कोई हल नही!

बढती खवाहिशे जो जंजीरो मे

जक्कड रही हैं इनसे अजाद़ होने की तर्कीब भी तो नजाने कहां है!?

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Education system in India!

Our Education system has become the Pointless system! It has just become an great money making business! There’s no point of the education that they teach in the schools they just tell us to eat the whole bookish Syllabus and vomit it on the exam day! Those questions don’t even come in the use for living a life! No one talk about the talent! bookish knowledge is all for them. They don’t tell you to follow your passion Getting higher grade is all for them!! people are running after marks that will only be left the marksheets! But your passion for life will take you on a adventures ride! But it is a rat race! all are running after each other. Getting higher marks, working hard is what they tell you all the time but no one talks about the fact that “how to tackle with life issues”! Students are pressurised for the good marks but they only need motivation to do things. There’s no point of running after good grades or good positions if you don’t even know how to live a Happier Life!

Life is a beautiful gift❤️

We all have one life. It all depend on us how we wanna spend it. We all have faced many problem in life and had many good moments too, but most of the time we only remember bad moments. Good & Bad is only the illusion created by humans all we get are just “Moments” but we labelised them as good moments or Bad! When anything wrong happens to us we curse & cry but Crying is not the solution! tackling with it and winning over such issues is the solution. Generally people don’t understand that both time is good for us .Even ECG machine show that ups and downs when person is alive and straight line when they die, its like that in life ups and downs are adventure. We don’t want a simple life but none of us wants to tackle with any kind of difficulties! All bad phases of life are adventure take it like adventure don’t get depressed over bad phases. Every person on the earth has some certain issues that are big problems according to them but somehow all have to get over that problem or that phase. Giving up on anything simply means not respecting the life that has given to us. Life is very precious gift from god. Don’t give up on this precious gift, Live it & Tackle with everything. If there is any problem than definitely there is a solution for it! Lets take problem as a adventure ❤️

जिंदगी कुछ यूं बिताते चले जा रहे हैं…

PicsArt_10-06-01.12.48.jpgजिंदगी कुछ यू बिताते चले जा रहे हैं,

अपनो की जरुरतो को पूरा करते-करते अपनो को ही खोते जा रहे हैं,

खोये हुए कल के भोझ तले आज को भी गवा रहे हैं,

यूं तो जुडते बहुत लोग है जिंदगी के सफर मे लेकिन वक्त के साथ कुछ होते जुदा भी जा रहे हैं,

जिंदगी कुछ यू बिताते चले जा रहे हैं रिश्ते बढाते और अहमियत घटाते चले जा रहे हैं,

जिंदगी का मतलब धुंढते-धुंढते जीना ही भुलते जा रहे हैं,

जिंदगी कुछ यूं बिताते चले जा रहे हैं….।।

      “This moment is Life! Live it Now!”

Lots of money, fame, luxurious lifestyle! Is this “Being Successful” called??

Illustration by Andre Dluhos.

For some people it might be the definition for Success but it is not!
Success cannot be defined by your financial status at all!

If only the rich people are being called successful people than what about the “Mother”? She gives birth to a child, takes care of her kids, husband, and the entire household but still she always do everything with such satisfying and Happy effort and though without getting salaried yet a mother does it so beautifully that no one in the world can ever do that & no one can ever get as higher position as a mother holds herself! So isn’t it fair enough to call a mother the “Most Successful” person on the earth?
Being Successful is not about running after money or making money! If you are satisfied enough with your life you’re successful enough!
What’s the point if you’re a popular celebrity or CEO of an biggest company yet you’re always complaining about life and suffering from depression not having an healthy body! always complaining & saying why me? Why everything bad happens to me? I always feel miserable! This and that!! Rather than thanking to the God for such higher positions that he has given or gifted to you,
Its only up to you to choose to make yourself materialistically successful or mentally, physically & emotionally successful…Money May satisfy your greed but it can never satisfy your soul!