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Lots of money, fame, luxurious lifestyle! Is this “Being Successful” called??

Illustration by Andre Dluhos.

For some people it might be the definition for Success but it is not!
Success cannot be defined by your financial status at all!

If only the rich people are being called successful people than what about the “Mother”? She gives birth to a child, takes care of her kids, husband, and the entire household but still she always do everything with such satisfying and Happy effort and though without getting salaried yet a mother does it so beautifully that no one in the world can ever do that & no one can ever get as higher position as a mother holds herself! So isn’t it fair enough to call a mother the “Most Successful” person on the earth?
Being Successful is not about running after money or making money! If you are satisfied enough with your life you’re successful enough!
What’s the point if you’re a popular celebrity or CEO of an biggest company yet you’re always complaining about life and suffering from depression not having an healthy body! always complaining & saying why me? Why everything bad happens to me? I always feel miserable! This and that!! Rather than thanking to the God for such higher positions that he has given or gifted to you,
Its only up to you to choose to make yourself materialistically successful or mentally, physically & emotionally successful…Money May satisfy your greed but it can never satisfy your soul!


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