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Life is a beautiful gift❤️

We all have one life. It all depend on us how we wanna spend it. We all have faced many problem in life and had many good moments too, but most of the time we only remember bad moments. Good & Bad is only the illusion created by humans all we get are just “Moments” but we labelised them as good moments or Bad! When anything wrong happens to us we curse & cry but Crying is not the solution! tackling with it and winning over such issues is the solution. Generally people don’t understand that both time is good for us .Even ECG machine show that ups and downs when person is alive and straight line when they die, its like that in life ups and downs are adventure. We don’t want a simple life but none of us wants to tackle with any kind of difficulties! All bad phases of life are adventure take it like adventure don’t get depressed over bad phases. Every person on the earth has some certain issues that are big problems according to them but somehow all have to get over that problem or that phase. Giving up on anything simply means not respecting the life that has given to us. Life is very precious gift from god. Don’t give up on this precious gift, Live it & Tackle with everything. If there is any problem than definitely there is a solution for it! Lets take problem as a adventure ❤️


Published by Bhavya ojha

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