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Education system in India!

Our Education system has become the Pointless system! It has just become an great money making business! There’s no point of the education that they teach in the schools they just tell us to eat the whole bookish Syllabus and vomit it on the exam day! Those questions don’t even come in the use for living a life! No one talk about the talent! bookish knowledge is all for them. They don’t tell you to follow your passion Getting higher grade is all for them!! people are running after marks that will only be left the marksheets! But your passion for life will take you on a adventures ride! But it is a rat race! all are running after each other. Getting higher marks, working hard is what they tell you all the time but no one talks about the fact that “how to tackle with life issues”! Students are pressurised for the good marks but they only need motivation to do things. There’s no point of running after good grades or good positions if you don’t even know how to live a Happier Life!


Published by Bhavya ojha

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