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Find yourself ❤️

What is the most important thing according to you ?

Some would say money, family friends, partner. Etc . But the most important thing is having peace of mind that helps you to understand yourself . We all need to find ourself first , all are running to just spend life simply but life is not about spending but it is way more than that you need to understand life. All of us don’t have enough patient, peace of mind so we’re are running after the lives to spend it. If you decord the formula to understand yourself you can understand anyone your friends , family, partner etc . You just need to invest time on yourself it can help you in various aspect that you can’t see right after but after sometime in future you can see the difference in your inner soul. It changed different , if you want to change other person firstly you need to be changed.

Just sit back and see inside yourself What is bad and good in you? Everyone have positive and negative aspects in them nobody is perfect So stop complaining about other person’s attitude You also have some bad things and Just enjoy that person positive attitude. It is very enjoyable, You need to have that peace of mind that nobody can disturb. So just give time to your soul to grow up and lets enjoy the beautiful life. Its a god gift. Don’t complain about other person from now own words Just understand yourself after that you can understand anyone else.

Editor – Tani Dhillon


Published by Bhavya ojha

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