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Boys Don’t Cry!

We live in a society where there’s a stereotypical mindset that only women can be emotional and Men can’t be! They can’t cry but it’s just a self made belief that men can’t cry. As being a Human Being they also have emotions which cannot be neglected in anyway, they also feel and cry too but for them it is always difficult to express their emotions. Most of the time they’re judged if they cry in front of someone our society says “Ladke Rote nahi hain” (Boys don’t Cry!) but why? They also have emotions and feelings and also have full fledged right to express themselves. From the childhood we’re taught that Men are the head of the house and they have to be strong, can’t cry, and from the very beginning they are taught that they have certain responsibilities but now we’re living in a gender neutral society if we can accept that women can take up all the responsibilities of the house and can be the boss of the house why can’t we accept those men who can proudly open up about how they feel?

We need to change this stereotypical mindset.

Let Men feel free to express themselves ♥️ if you ever see a man crying instead of making fun or telling him that Men don’t cry just ask him what’s wrong and be there to listen and support. ♥️

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